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Why is OBRE the best Real Estate service provider for you?

We do the research, not just the search. It is easy to spend 5 minutes on the internet and find a home that meets your basic criteria of square footage, bed and bath count and price point. But it may be a little harder to learn more about the characteristics and personality of that area. We should live, where we LIVE. Schools, shopping, dining, entertainment, employment, community outreach. All of these things are vital to living a life you love! When you choose OBRE as your home/investment matchmaker we take you into consideration. We want to know what you do on your off time, about your hobbies and interests, so that we can find you a home and community where you/your family will thrive!

We are not just a listing service. We are more than just a sign in the yard, lockbox on the door, and MLS listing. We believe that our listings will have some of the most impressive on-line presence of all local listings. Photography, videography, social media platform are all specifically designed and executed to get your listing maximum exposure and most creative concept digital delivery. We have developed several list programs to choose from that help you save money on your listing. This allows for a more competitive sales price, yielding a faster sale time and higher percentage of list price to SOLD price!

When working with Investors; we take your goals into consideration and set realistic expectations. Rental rates, historical property data, and area comparables are critical to making an investment decision. Rather it is a rental purchase (single/multi-family), lease services, short-term flip, or long-term hold, OBRE has the skillset and commitment to advise based on the most accurate, comprehensive information available.

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